Disney Being Sued Over "Beauty and the Beast"; Showings May Stop Immediately

July 17, 2017Jul 17, 2017

As of Monday afternoon, a lawsuit has been filed against Walt Disney Co. Disney recently released a classic, “Beauty and the Beast”, and was receiving rave reviews over the movie. 

However, one company has claimed a dispute. Rearden LLC CEO Steve Perlman is suing Disney over ownership rights to a visual-effects technology. 

Perlman filed the lawsuit in the U.S. District Court in San Fransisco. Not only is he upset over the latest Disney film, he is also including a dispute against “Guardians of the Galaxy” which was produced in 2014 as well as “Avengers: Age of Ultron” from 2015.

Perlman is alleging copyright, patent, and trademark infringement. He is specifically arguing that Disney did not have rights for the facial-capture technology that was utilized in the production.

Disney utilized MOVA Contour, a specific technology used for facial visual-effects. It was used to turn actor Dan Stevens’s face into “that of the beast” as well as the alien Thanos in “Guardians” and “Age of Ultron”. 

While Disney paid Digital Domain for the visual effects, Perlman is claiming that Disney knew or should have known that it was actually Rearden that has sole rights to MOVA.

The lawsuit stated, “Disney never bothered to contact its longtime MOVA Contour service provider Rearden LLC to ask any questions or to verify Disney’s authorization to use the MOVA Contour system, methods, trade secrets or trademarks that Disney knew Rearden owned.”

Perlman is urging to stop all selling and showing of the three films in question and is calling for the destruction of all infringed copies. Additionally, he is asking for financial damages. 

This could prevent “Beauty and the Beast” from profiting or being as successful as it was projected to become. 

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