The End of an Era: Disneyland is Making a Major Change that is Highly Controversial

August 31, 2018Aug 31, 2018

Disneyland is one of the most iconic places in America. Millions of people, from across the globe, have fond memories of attending the magical land. However, things are about to change at Disneyland for the first time in 63 years.

According to reports from E! Online, "For the first time in its 63-year-old history, Disneyland will sell alcohol when Oga's Cantina opens in 2019 and serves 'pilots, bounty hunters, smugglers, locals and galactic travelers alike.' The establishment will open its doors at Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, at both Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort. Disneyland has been offering libations at its exclusive and private Club 33 and adjacent California Adventure park for years, but is otherwise alcohol-free."

Although alcohol is being served, it appears that Disney is still trying to incorporate their adult drinks into the themes of the park. It is an interesting tactic and is controversial to many.

"Oga's Cantina is the kind of establishment that attracts some of the most interesting and disreputable characters in the galaxy," Imagineer Scott Trowbridge revealed on the Disney Parks Blog. "And you never know when a stormtrooper or a familiar face will show up." Park patrons are invited to try drinks made using "'otherworldly' methods, served in unique vessels."

Some fans were happy about the news. Still, others feel it does not keep with the values and ideals of what Disney represents.

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