Disaster Averted! School Suspends 5 Year Old Girl For Bringing THIS To School

May 19, 2016May 19, 2016

The principal at Southeast Elementary School in Brighton, Colorado should feel very heroic. It was his quick thinking and firm no tolerance policy that stopped a tragedy from happening at his school. If you sense sarcasm, you are correct in that assumption.

A 5-year-old girl was suspended by the principal of the school for bringing in a clear plastic bubble blower. According to 7News in Denver, the bubble blowing device was in the general shape of a gun. The school has a zero tolerance and zero common sense policy when it comes to “weapons.”


Before school had started, the girl was playing with the bubble maker in the hallway when the authorities stepped in. The school called her mother and demanded that she come pick up her child because she was now suspended for being in possession of a fake gun.

When the mother asked if it was really necessary to treat her child like this, the school responded, “Yes, this is our zero tolerance policy and somebody needs to come get her immediately.”

The ridiculous stance taken by the school even caught the attention of the ACLU. “It’s absurd to send a 5-year-old home for a bubble maker. This is a silly example of a very real problem. Zero-tolerance policies often mean zero common sense,” Colorado ACLU director Nathan Woodliff said.

Judging by the lack of common sense that is running rampant in schools across the country, maybe a suspension of the principal and other school personnel would be more appropriate. Do you agree?