DirecTV Has Americans Cheering After NFL National Anthem Protests

September 26, 2017Sep 26, 2017

The NFL sparked a massive controversy over the past few days after hundreds of professional football players refused to stand for the national anthem in protest. Although this protesting has been going on since last year, the number of participants drastically increased after President Donald Trump’s controversial remarks; Trump insinuated, a few days prior to Sunday’s games, that the NFL should fire those who take a knee during the anthem.

The protests, started by former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick in support of Black Lives Matter, were originally created to fight against police brutality and racial injustice. However, several teams, including the Oakland Raiders and Denver Broncos, confirmed that they knelt directly in response to Trump’s comments.

Therefore, the protests were no longer about racial injustice, but became an anti-Trump movement. Many Americans were angered by the protesting of the football players and threatened to boycott the NFL altogether because they felt it was disrespecting our American flag and those who serve(d) our country. 

These apparently were not empty threats. DirecTV announced that they are offering refunds to customers for purchases of the NFL Sunday Ticket if they desire to cancel in relation to the national anthem protesting. Hundreds of people have reportedly called the company in regards to cancellations.

This is a big deal since the original policy clearly states that refunds cannot be issued once football season has begun, according to Fox Business. However, DirecTV is making exceptions this season in wake of the major controversy.

Americans are praising DirecTV for their bold move. Although the company has not directly said they are against the #TakeAKnee movement, customers appreciate the fact that they are giving their clientele this option.

Watch the Fox News Alert below for more information.

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