Did You Hear What Trump Just Called CNN? They’re OUTRAGED!

January 11, 2017Jan 11, 2017

President-Elect Donald Trump held his first press conference of 2017, and the mainstream media reporters in attendance were on the attack.

CNN reporter Jim Acosta was especially combative, yelling out questions, demanding to be answered, and interrupting others.

According to The Hill, Trump finally answered the reporter with “Your organization is terrible.”

Acosta shouted repeatedly, “You’re attacking us! Can you give us a question?”

“Go ahead,” Trump pointing at a female Breitbart reporter instead, but Acosta wouldn’t be quiet.

“Quiet. Quiet,” Trump said to Acosta, “She’s asking a question. Don’t be rude.”

Acosta continued shouting.

"Don't be rude. Don’t be rude. No, I'm not going to give you a question,” Trump replied.

And then he delivered the words that have them outraged.

“You are fake news,” Trump said.

His words were met with some applause from the audience.

“No, Mr. President-Elect, that’s not appropriate!” Acosta insisted.

Watch below:

If you missed it, here is the full speech:

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