Did You Hear What The Gov't Is Trying To Do To Churches Now?

July 07, 2016Jul 07, 2016

This is nuts. And it was predicted by some Christians years ago, but people told them they were crazy. Observant Christians were noticing the trend against Christianity in our government and warned others that Christian rights would be dramatically infringed upon. But it was hard to believe in the "Land of the Free," right?

In Iowa, a civil rights group has told all churches that they must open their bathrooms to any gender and they must not preach things that would alienate the LGBT community. So, just to unpack: That means, under law, men can go into the girls' bathrooms and changing areas at churches and the pastor must not preach on the Bible's tenets against homosexuality and for traditional marriage. What?

The Christian Post reports: "The Iowa Civil Rights Commission is contending that a the statute prohibits churches from teaching biblical sexual ethics if it would 'directly or indirectly' cause people of any particular gender identity to feel "unwelcome" in conjunction with any service, event, or other religious activity. The ban, the [Alliance Defending Freedom] attorneys argue, can be employed to bind churches from making any public statements on the subject, even from the pulpit."

Former ADF attorney David French said, "Under current guidance, churches in Iowa must become 'members only' to exercise their religious liberty. It's tough to imagine this guidance surviving even liberal judicial review, but even if struck down it shows where some on the Left want to take the law."

The ADF is appealing the decision, but who knows what will happen! And if it happens in Iowa (of all places!), who knows where it will spread to! These are times to start really praying--and deciding what we will do if our faith becomes really persecuted. What are your thoughts on the matter? Let us know in the Comments! Thank you!