Did Trump Repent After His Crude Sexual Comments? Ben Carson Answers

October 10, 2016Oct 10, 2016

Christians should understand forgiveness and repentance better than anyone else because they've realized the depths of their sin and depravity so deeply that they've looked to Jesus Christ as the only Savior who can truly change their hearts. And that's why so many Christian voters want to know if Trump has truly repented of the crude sexual comments he made back in 2005 and asked God for forgiveness.

Trump surrogate and former presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson weighed in on that last night before the second presidential debate, according to Yahoo! News.

Carson said Trump met with LIFE Outreach International pastor and televangelist James Robinson to pray and ask God for forgiveness. Carson said he's already spoken with Trump about the comments and believes Trump "is coming even closer to the Lord."

Robinson confirmed the meeting with Trump and said he had some stern advice for the presidential candidate.

“When I have met with Mr. Trump, it wasn’t a meaningless photo op," Robinson said. "There were no pictures and it wasn’t wasted time. I encouraged him, while assuring him of our love for him and his family, and concern for America’s future. But I also spoke bluntly and forcefully about where I’m convinced he needs to make essential changes in his approach and rhetoric while gaining the wisdom that comes from above to become the effective leader necessary to correct our nation’s dangerous course.”

Carson, who has never seemed to hold back his criticism of Trump despite his surrogate role, was asked what he personally thought of Trump's vulgar comments.

“I’m a Christian voter and I’m not OK with it, but I can look at the bigger picture, and I think a lot of other Christians can look at the bigger picture, too," Carson said. "I can’t defend the video, but I can certainly continue to support him because I think what he represents is far superior to what Hillary represents.”

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