Did This Music Artist Just Call For Trump’s Assassination?

March 13, 2017Mar 13, 2017

It’s not surprising that rap superstar Snoop Dogg’s latest, profanity-ridden music video is controversial, but he’s catching attention this time for seeming to advocate for the killing of police officers and performing a mock assassination of President Trump.

In the “BADBADNOTGOOD” video for the song “Lavender,” which we won’t post here for obvious reasons, Snoop Dogg shows a police officer riddling a man with bullets for having a very obvious water pistol in his briefcase.

Then after dropping F-bombs toward the police, Snoop Dogg appears to talk about leaving them as chalk outlines on the ground.

Then after a clown version of Trump shows up with a group of armed people, Snoop Dog raps as he holds a gun to Trump’s head, “And the night will fall, this is death to you all. When the nighttime falls, this the final call.”

Then he pulls the trigger, sending a “bang” sign flying out of the gun.

Later in the video, as if to “soften” his tone, Snoop Dogg shows Trump not dead but rather in chains as he and another man threaten to slug him.

And somehow conservatives are portrayed as the hateful people.

In an interview with Billboard about the music video, Snoop Dog said, "I feel like [rap is] a lot of people making cool records, having fun, partying, but nobody’s dealing with the real issue with this [expletive] clown as president.”

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