Did NBC Purposefully Wait Until October To Release Trump Tape? TMZ Claims That...

October 13, 2016Oct 13, 2016

Did the release of the tape recording of Donald Trump's 2005 crude sexual remarks seem like awfully convenient timing for the Democrats just weeks before the presidential election?

According to TMZ, it was no accident that the tape wasn't released until now. Multiple sources told TMZ that NBC has not only known about the tape for a long time, but Billy Bush — the other voice on the tape — was bragging about it in front of NBC executives back in August.

TMZ said NBC intended to edit the tape in a way that wouldn't make Billy look as bad and planned to release it at a time when it would be most damaging to Trump's campaign.

According to sources, NBC was planning to delay a release a tad longer because Hurricane Matthew was dominating the news, but some staffers wanted to make sure it was out before Sunday night's debate and leaked it to The Washington Post, which became the media outlet that broke the news last Friday.

One source told TMZ, "NBC really screwed Billy. They had no problem with him on the tape 'til it got leaked."

Couple that with the New York Times and People Magazine stories today about Trump abusing women, and the timing just seems a tad uncanny. It's also interesting to note that these "October surprises" have not visibly come from Hillary's campaign itself but from mainstream media sources. Candidates and their advocates are typically expected to destroy presidential candidates at the 11th hour, not the media.

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