Did Gary Johnson Just IMPLODE His Campaign?

September 23, 2016Sep 23, 2016

Gary Johnson's tongue went viral today.

Yes, his tongue.

In an MSNBC interview, the Libertarian presidential candidate seemed to be making a point about his exclusion from the upcoming presidential debate but ended up disturbing everyone in the process.

The reactions from the anchors and reporters are priceless. Johnson appeared to be illustrating that he could stand up on the debate stage and say gibberish and still emerge as the leader above Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, but way he chose to illustrate that made people look at him like he was a madman.

Or do you think everyone is making too big of a deal out of this?

It does bring back memories of the "Dean scream" that is said to have doomed Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean's bid for the nomination back in 2004.

(Note: Skip to 0:15)