Did Donald Trump’s Children Influence Ben Carson’s Endorsement?

March 25, 2016Mar 25, 2016

Ben Carson appeared on the liberal shark tank show, “The View” on Friday morning to talk about his endorsement for Republican frontrunner Donald Trump.  According to the Daily Caller, one of the main reasons Carson aligned with Trump is because of how he raised his children.

“You have to look at his family. I always say one of the ways you measure a person is looking at their children and how their children act,” Carson said. “They have been raised very well. They’re very respectful. And you know, I look at a lot of kids who come from very wealthy families, and I am appalled at what I see.”

Carson has come under severe scrutiny ever since he announced his endorsement of Trump.  Despite that, he still feels that Trump is the only candidate left in the race that return America back to greatness.