Did Monte, Taylor or Turner Win?

Monte Taylor, Taylor Hale, and Matthew Turner
Sonja Flemming/CBS (3)

Congratulations! After a jury vote Taylor Hale He was the winner Big Brother Season 24, which took home the staggering $750,000 prize during the finale live on Sunday, September 25,

Taylor beat out the other finalists Monte Taylor And Matthew Turner After the jury had decided on the victor, it was history that Black women were the first to win. Big BrotherIn more than 20 seasons.

Turner had won the first part of the final HOH competition, with Monte The second part is now complete. On Sunday’s finale part, Monte won the third live competition and decided to bring Taylor to the final two. Turner was therefore sent to the jury.

The nine houseguests who had been eliminated asked the final two questions. The jury was composed of Alyssa Snider, Brittany Hoopes, Indy Santos, Jasmine Davis, Kyle Capener, Joseph Abdin, Michael Bruner, Terrance HigginsTurner. Taylor won by 8 votes to 1.

Big Brother season 24 premiered on July 6 as the 16 houseguests tackled weekly festival-themed challenges on their journey to the $750,00 prize.

“There are so many twists and turns this season and challenges that are so much harder that you’re gonna have a hard time just figuring out how to survive in the house,” host Julie Chen MoonvesPreviously told Us Weekly Before the live premiere. “Every week throughout the summer, you’re going to see different themes, like a music fest, a comedy fest, a renaissance fest. But my personal favorite – I think most people will agree – is going to be the Zing Fest.”

The Big Brother house also got a “mid-century Palm Springs” makeover.

“We’re calling it the ‘BB Motel,’” Chen Moonves, 52, told Use at the moment. “You can check in, but you can’t check out. You don’t really wanna check out (laughs). You don’t wanna get evicted. You want to stay at the BB Motel. It has that retro feel this year. Retro.”

The Big Brother 24 winner’s victory was made, in part, due to her amount of comp wins and strategic social game. Monte, Taylor and Turner were all members of the dominant “Leftovers” alliance, alongside Brittany, Michael, Kyle and Joseph. While the alliance helped secure the group’s safety week-after-week, the show’s “Split House” twist ultimately divided the group. At “Dyre Fest,” Kyle ended up spilling the beans in order to save his showmance with Alyssa.

“Exposing the alliance weighed very heavily on me — and I don’t think I would have if I didn’t feel that I was near the bottom of the seven going into Dyre Fest,” the Utah native, 29, told Use Only this month, after his eviction. “Unfortunately, I knew going into Dyre Fest, it was either me or Joseph going home that week. We had played a similar game at the time and had similar cards to play. I knew that Joseph would have to catch up if I played them all first so I went into survival mode and shared that information. And it also helped that I could then wipe the slate clean with Alyssa and tell her everything and kind of come clean in that regard.”

Elsewhere during the finale, the longtime CBS host announced that Taylor also won America’s Favorite Houseguest.