Diane Kruger Reveals the Name of Her and Norman Reedus’ Daughter

A very special choice As she reflects on her relationship with her daughter Diane Kruger revealed the inspiration behind her child’s name — Nova Tennessee.

“I had her late in life at 42, and [fiancé Norman Reedus]He had a child when was younger. Nova in Latin means new beginning, and a nova star keeps changing and is reborn,” Kruger, 45, who shares the 3-year-old with The Walking Dead53-year-old alum told PeopleWednesday, May 11, 2011 “And we love Tennessee and the Smoky Mountains, we do motorcycle trips there.”

The National TreasureThe actress explained that her name choice was crucial. “I remember coming home crying because kids were making fun of my name,” she shared, adding that her mom chose the moniker based on the Roman goddess Diana. “It truly changed my life. And how I see myself today.”

The Germany native also admitted that she was surprised by “how much” she loves motherhood.

Diane Kruger with Nova, her daughter.
Courtesy Diane Kruger/Instagram

“I wanted to be a mom and I was sure I was going to like it, but just the magnitude of wanting to be there every second, not missing a thing,” Kruger noted. “So many things at my age, you’ve done a thousand times, but just seeing it through her eyes again. Whether it’s having ice cream for the first time or seeing snow for the first time there’s just something so refreshing and simple about that life as mother and daughter that I’ve just found magnificent.”

For the former model, her little one couldn’t have been born at a better time. “[Nova]It was a surprise. I thought it wasn’t going to happen, and she came into my life when I was ready,” Kruger said. “I’m grateful that happened for me and our family. She’s changed my world and the way I look at everything.”

Kruger has previously spoken out about her decision to raise her family later in her life.

“I am so glad I did not have a kid at 30,” she told the Sunday TelegraphIn January 2022. “I think I would have absolutely resented it for all the things that you have to give up because today I am happy to do so. I have been everywhere, and I have been to every country I wanted. So I’m 100 percent ready and willing to give my kid that attention.”

The Inglourious Basterds star praised Reedus for his “calm” nature when it comes to raising children. Reedus is also the father of Mingus, 22-year old son. Helena Christensen. “He teaches me a lot because he’s done it before,” Kruger told Porter EditJanuary 2019. “There’s definitely something to be said for being with someone who is doing it for the second time.”

Kruger and Reedus first met at the set of SkyIn 2016. After the wedding, romance rumors swirled around about the couple. Troy star’s split from Joshua JacksonAfter 10 years of marriage. Jackson, 43, has moved on with his life. Jodie Turner-SmithTwo years later, they welcomed their first child in 2018.

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