Diane Keaton Mistook Reese Witherspoon’s Son For Famed Actor

Diane Keaton recently uploaded a video to Instagram celebrating “male beauty,” but the 75-year-old actress made a crucial mistake just seconds into the now-viral video. Even though she claimed that the first image in the slideshow was of a young girl, Leonardo DiCaprioIt was actually a photograph of Reese Witherspoon’s oldest son, Deacon Phillippe. Of course, Witherspoon replied to the post and was proud to be a mom. 

Legendary actress Diane Keaton created a video to celebrate “male beauty” and featured several famous men like Robert Pattinson, Zayn Malik, and Clint Eastwood. All photos were shot in black and white, giving the video an artistic touch. Keaton doesn’t make an appearance in the video, rather she gives a voiceover as each new image appears. 

Keaton praised the photos throughout the video of just under one minute. But the video began with the Baby BoomStar making a hilarious mistake. To start the video out, Keaton supplied a black and white photo of Deacon Phillipe, Reese Witherspoon’s son she shares with actor Ryan Phillipe. 

Keaton was mistakenly led to believe that the photo was of young Leonardo DiCaprio. “Talk about beauty? Leonardo DiCaprio. Give me a break, I knew him when he was a kid,” Keaton said in the video. She quickly moved on to show more examples of male beauty but was quickly caught. 

The day after Keaton posted the video, Witherspoon commented on the video to clear up the veteran actress’ misconception, “Diane, the first one is my son!” The Big Little Lies star followed that with a heart eyes emoji, which indicates that she’s not too bothered that her son was held up as a prime example of male beauty or that Keaton compared him to one of the most handsome actors of his generation. Witherspoon replied quickly with three wide-eyed, blushing emojis. Keaton responded quickly with a few more, and Witherspoon just sent a laughing emoji back. 

Both actresses adored the interaction between the stars, and soon their fans joined in with their reactions. One follower commented, “omg this made my day. You didn’t even realize so funny. This is great. Lmao you and Reese are my favorite.” Another jokingly added, “Deacon Di Caprio.” Someone else wrote to Witherspoon, “I’m dying,” adding, “let’s just face the fact that your son is Male Beauty.” 

Hopefully the next time Diane Keaton decides to dedicate a video to male beauty, she double checks the identity of all the men she’s admiring!