Diane Keaton Jokes Physical Roles Fit Her ‘Dingbat’ Personality

Diane Keaton Jokes Physical Roles Fit Her ‘Dingbat’ Personality

Diane Keaton.
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Diane KeatonFollowing her recent work, she is ready to accept more physical roles. Mack & Rita.

“I got to do some physical things, which I loved, and it made me want to do more physical things in movies instead of just not use your body,” the 76-year-old exclusively told Us Weeklyearlier this month. “I mean, really. I haven’t had a chance to do that for a long time. I would like to do more of this in some other area. Hopefully something like that would come along.”

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The GodfatherRita is played by actress in the comedy that centers on a 30-year old writer (You’s Elizabeth Lail) who wakes up transformed into her 70-year-old self (Keaton) during a Palm Springs weekend bash with her friends. Rita, who is actually Mack, is very open about her interests and vibrant style. She also knows how to handle when a Pilates class goes horribly wrong.

“I’ve never done anything so stupid!” Keaton said, laughing. “It fits my personality. You can be a dainbat. That’s what I feel the best. That’s why I want to have another movie where I get to do more of that. That’s probably not gonna happen.”

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“I think that she’s exactly like she is,” she added of Rita. “She’s not so sure of herself really, basically, but also very energized by her life, and just the newness of what was going on with her life and how it’s changed. It was really fun for me. [to work with] all the women.”

Diane Keaton Jokes Physical Roles Fit Her ‘Dingbat’ Personality

Diane Keaton in ‘Mack & Rita’.

The Katie Aselton-directed movie has the tagline of “Old Soul. New Age.” And for Keaton, she’s “really glad” that she’s “no longer 30.”

“It was more complicated to me. It was fine. I had a fascinating life at 30. But, I don’t know. This is my opinion. This is a better time in life. I feel more at ease with who I am. It’s not as tense or worrisome,” the Family StoneStar explainedUs. “‘Am I gonna be OK at 30? Will I be able to continue working?’ … I worked and it was OK. This time in my life is really in terms of jobs and working on certain kinds of films.”

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Keaton is also a star Taylour PaigeAnd Dustin MilliganThe comedy, with the Schitt’s Creek37-year old alum playing her love interest.

Diane Keaton Jokes Physical Roles Fit Her ‘Dingbat’ Personality

Diane Keaton in ‘Mack & Rita’.

“Isn’t he great?” she gushed. “He was fantastic. He’s really smart. And he’s very engaged in acting. Lots of times some people are more hesitant about things or they’re more worried. … He’s really smart. He did a great job. He’s the male hero in this one.”

Audiences can spot a voice-over by her if they pay attention. Father of the BrideCostar Martin Short. She quipped: “He can do any voice you can imagine or want!”

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Keaton isn’t slowing down any time soon. She’ll next be seen in the sequel Book Club 2 – The Next Chapter and was honored with a Hand & Footprint Ceremony at Hollywood’s TCL Chinese Theatre on Thursday. August 11. After decades of being on-set, she has a unique outlook on any deal breakers.

“Here’s what I think about that. I think you’ve been given this part and so you can do what you can do, but you also have to take into consideration, of course, that there’s a director and there’s a producer and there’s money, you know? I just feel like when I have opportunities to be dingbat, it’s really fun for me,” the director and producer told Use. “And they can tell me to change it. Fine, you know, we’ll change it. Let me also do some of this. I think comedy is a great way to have fun, especially when it’s funny like the one I did. I had a lot of fun.”

Mack & RitaThis film is currently in theaters

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