Diane Keaton Hasn’t Watched ‘Father of the Bride’ Remake: Details

Diane Keaton.

This is what Franck will hear. Diane KeatonIs open to reprising her role of Nina Banks in the beloved Father of the Bride franchise.

‘Father of the Bride’ Cast: Where Are They Now?

“No one’s come forward with it. But if it were to happen, sure,” Keaton, 76, exclusively told Us WeeklyWhile promoting her new comedy. Mack & Rita. “Of course I would.”

Diane Keaton Father Bride Remake

The Something’s Gotta Give actress, 76, last stepped into Nina’s shoes when the cast reunited via Zoom after 25 years in September 2020. The ensemble — also including Steve Martin, Martin Short, Kimberly Williams-Paisley, Kieran CulkinAnd George Newbern — came together to benefit the World Central Kitchen, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing meals to communities affected by disasters like the coronavirus pandemic.

“Steven, Marty, I mean, they’ve got their television show [Only Murders in the Building] now. I mean, they’re giants and they’re just incredibly great actors and funny and smart and all that,” Keaton gushed toUsAbout her former costars. “We all know that, and it works. How they’re doing it on TV is pretty remarkable.”

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Short, 72, who played the eccentric wedding planner Franck, actually made a quick voice cameo in Keaton’s latest film, Mack & Rita. “He can do any voice you can imagine!” Keaton said.

Diane Keaton Father Bride Remake

The beloved comedy, directed by Charles Shyer in 1991, was followed by its 1995 sequel. Part II – Father of the Bride. A reboot starring a cast of characters was announced earlier this year. Andy GarciaAnd Gloria EstefanDropped on HBO Max.

“I have not watched the remake of Father of the Bride,” Keaton confirms to Us.

Diane Keaton Father Bride Remake

In addition to being open to revisiting the Banks family, Keaton doesn’t rule anything out with future projects. “I would say more of everything that comes my way. I don’t know what’s going to come my way. Maybe nothing’s going to come my way. I’ve been so lucky and so I just don’t want to push off anything without knowing if I could have a chance to know, would I be doing it or what,” she explains. “I wouldn’t knock out anything unless I read something that I really felt that I wouldn’t be right for, something like that. That just is not good for me.”

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With a career that spans more than 50 years, it’s actually two movies that Keaton did at the very beginning that remain so special to her.

“I would say that the role that stands out is the role that I got first from Woody AllenBecause I was in a play with him, he offered me a role in one of his movies. [Play It Again, Sam],” she recalled to Use. “I auditioned another thing that was a really unusual thing. I auditioned for The Godfather. I didn’t even know about The Godfather. I have never read The Godfather. I didn’t care. I was still trying to find work. … So I went and I got the part. Can you believe it? So suddenly now I’m playing Kay Adams-Corleone. I kept hearing. Francis [Ford Coppola] was really upset because the producers didn’t want this [Al] Pacino guy. They didn’t want [him]at all. And so Francis, for instance, said why don’t you come and let’s have him do a scene with you? I’ve already been cast. I didn’t know how to, so he’s there and there he is. He got the part, and it was because that was one of his most interesting experiences. But they couldn’t tell that he was great, and that Francis had me stand there and be the wife. These were the kind of people that made us feel so loved. [of]Stories are [just] — wow. The fact that I would get cast and had never read The Godfather is so weird.”

She added: “It was great history for me.”