Devin Booker ‘Likes’ Kendall Jenner’s Nude Photo After Split

Devin Booker & Kendall Jenner
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Still a fan. Devin BookerLiked ex-girlfriend Kendall Jenner‘s nude photo, less than one week after Us WeeklyTheir split was confirmed

The 26-year old supermodel shared a few photos, including one of her sushi dinners and a video from a sunset drive. Jenner posted her most eye-catching photo, which featured 818 Tequila founder Jenner sunbathing while looking at her phone. Booker, 25, “liked” the post, including the risqué snapshot, shortly after it was posted.

Jenner and the Phoenix Suns’ player split earlier this month. The news was confirmed by a source who spoke exclusively to Jenner. Use on Wednesday, June 22, that the duo had “been apart for over two weeks now.” Explaining that the breakup might not be permanent, the insider continued, “[They’re] taking this time to focus on themselves and figure out if a future together is what’s meant to be.”

“Kourtney’s wedding really put things into perspective,” the insider explained, adding that the pair are “still super amicable and supportive of each other” despite going their separate ways.

The Keeping up with the KardashiansBooker was first to link the alum in June 2020 with a source who told Us at the time that the duo were “hooking up,” although their romance was “not serious.” The athlete attended Jenner’s Halloween-themed birthday party four months later, but they didn’t make their relationship Instagram official until Valentine’s Day in 2021. Jenner revealed in June 2017 that they had shared a few glimpses of their relationship in the years that followed.

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“No, I don’t actually only date basketball players,” she joked during the Keeping up with Kardashians reunion special. “I’m not ashamed that I have a type, and I’m also a genuine basketball fan. … I just feel like it’s a private matter and not for anybody else to judge or know.”

The reality star previously revealed that she would only go public with relationships that were “serious,” telling Harper’s Bazaar in April 2017, “I think it’s something sacred.”

She continued, “It’s something between two people, and nobody else’s opinion needs to be involved in it. People love drama. If I had a boyfriend, people are going to say all this stuff that’s probably going to cause us to break up.”

Seeing her older sisters’ relationships play out on the small screen over the years also taught the California native to be more protective over her private life. “I got a glimpse of how my sisters dealt with [the attention] and it’s cool to learn from that,” Jenner told Vogue AustraliaTwo years later. “For me, a lot of things are very special and very sacred, like my friends and relationships, and I personally think that bringing things into the public makes everything so much messier.”

Booker spoke for his part. WSJ. Magazine in March 2022 that he didn’t find dating in the public eye to be particularly difficult. “Honestly, I’m enjoying life to the fullest, and that came off my tongue so easily because it wasn’t always this way, but I feel like I’m in a good place right now,” he said.

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