Devastating Update on Famous Actress Fighting for Life After Crash Killed Both Her Parents

January 09, 2018Jan 09, 2018

A famous actress is now fighting for her life after surviving a deadly car crash that took the life of both of her parents. Jessica Falkholt, best known for her role in the Australian soap series "Home and Away", was in the car with her 21-year old sister and her parents when a tragic accident occurred.

The family is believed to have been traveling back to Sydney, Australia after enjoying the recent holiday. Suddenly, a car crossed the center line and hit the family head-on. Both of Jessica's parents were killed in the wreck.

"Sadly those family members are traveling to the St George and Liverpool Hospitals to engage with their loved ones who are very much in a critical condition at this time," Highway Patrol Chief Inspector Phil Brooks said.

Thankfully, bystanders were able to pull both of the daughters from the vehicle before it burst into flames. The driver of the other vehicle also died at the scene.

"Craig Anthony Whitall, 50, from Ulla Dulla who was driving the other car was killed on impact in the accident at the Princes Highway at Mondayong on the New South Wales south coast," according to reports.

The remaining Falkholt family has been praying the or miraculous healing of both of the young girls. However, it has just been reported that Jessica's sister has passed away. Jessica is now the sole survivor of the crash. Her family recently opened up on her critical condition.

The wreck occurred nearly 2 weeks ago. Since that time, Jessica has been fighting for life. According to the Daily Mail, relatives revealed the left side of her brain was damaged, which meant her personality and memory could be affected. We're asking all of our readers to please keep Jessica in your prayers, as well as her family. We ask God for a miraculous healing for the young girl.

"Jessica may wake up and, if she does wake up, is she going to be a different person?" Her relative told News Corp Australia on Sunday. "If we get to that point then someone is going to have to break the news to her about the rest of her family."

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