Devastating Storm Leaves 700,000 Without Power

October 30, 2017Oct 30, 2017

Fox News reports that a massive storm — violent winds and heavy rains — have left more than 700,000 people without power. The shortage of power is occurring throughout the Northeast and was reported on Monday morning.

Fox writes that the National Weather Service issued a flash flood and wind warning throughout the Northeast. There were reports of downed trees and power lines. Meanwhile, some roads were unusable due to rampant flooding. 

"Even if you're not experiencing the rain, the wind could knock you down, also it could knock down some power lines as well," remarked a Fox reporter.

In Connecticut, more than 152,000 customers are reported without power. At the same time, more than 300,000 customers were without power in New York state, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts. In Maine and New Hampshire, about 400,000 customers were without power. Throughout the region, hundreds of school districts have been forced to cancel classes on Monday, while other schools had to start class late.

The storm began to make its way up the East Coast on Sunday, on the fifth anniversary of Superstorm Sandy. That 2012 storm left much of the nation's populated areas in utter ruin, killing at least 182 people in the U.S. and the Caribbean, while also costing at least $71 billion in damage in America alone. 

A local news station in Boston reported that hundreds of thousands of residents were left in the dark after a violent storm moved throughout their area on Sunday night and into Monday morning. The station claims that trees were knocked down and utility wires were ruined.

In Boston, officials warned of after-flooding and damage caused to roads by the storm.

Emergency crews are responding on Monday morning after reports of massive damage. In Boston, a "major water break" was reported that has caused one area to be suspended for several hours.

Police have warned that when water is finally restored in the areas where it is currently lost, residents should not immediately drink the water. Rather, they should first flush the water of air and discolored water, for several minutes, until it finally clears. 

So far, despite reports of damage and flooding, there hasn't yet been any injuries or deaths reported. 

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