Devastating Photos Released of the Tortured 13 Siblings’ Former Home

January 19, 2018Jan 19, 2018

The nation was heartbroken after a story concerning 13 tortured and malnourished siblings grabbed national attention. The siblings, who range in ages from 2 to 29, were held captive by their parents since birth—facing years of abuse, starvation, and horrifying living conditions.

57-year-old David Allen Turpin and 49-year-old Louise Anna Turpin were arrested on several charges—including child endangerment—after their 17-year-old daughter escaped and called 911. As previously reported, she had been planning her escape for 2 years.

The parents appeared in court on Thursday and pleaded not guilty to all charges. Details of the story are gradually unfolding as the children talk to authorities, informing them of unimaginable things for a child to experience.

According to ABC News, the children, who are being treated at local hospitals, told police that their parents started tying them up with ropes, chains, and padlocks years ago. Additionally, they were physically abused—including strangulation—and were only allowed to eat one meal a day and take two showers a year.

ABC also obtained photos of their old house located in Texas. The pictures were reportedly sent in by the current owner, who took pictures of the house before moving in.

The photos show extremely unsuitable living conditions for children—filthy carpets, human feces smeared all over the walls, and an outside window that appears to be intentionally covered up with boards. See the photos below.

According to neighbors, the family also never used the front door; they would always enter the home by going around the house to the back gate.

In this case, there are still many unanswered questions. Please continue to pray for this family as this heartbreaking story is still developing.

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