DEVASTATING! FBI Releases Notes On Hillary Investigation; It's Got Some Shockers

November 02, 2016Nov 02, 2016

The FBI recently released their report on the criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton's e-mail scandal, and what we've found so far in it is shocking. The documents reveal a far greater number of classified e-mails on Hillary's unauthorized, insecure privates server than has yet been reported and shows how vast her mishandling of our nation's secrets was.

Take a look the released report from the FBI Vault here.

Here is what we've found so far:
— 81 e-mail chains were found on Hillary's server that ranged from confidential to top secret. 68 of those e-mail chains are still classified.
— 2,000 additional classified e-mails and 1 secret e-mail were discovered.
— Hillary's top aide Huma Abedin was the person who recommended Bryan Pagliano (given FBI immunity) as a tech who could rebuild Hillary's private server in the basement of her home after her original one experienced too many technical issues. The new server was built from equipment requisitioned from one of Hillary's campaign offices.
— Because Pagliano's new server was not sufficient, Hillary's Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills (given FBI immunity) helped Hillary get ahold of a new server from a Denver-based company. That brought the total of unauthorized, insecure personal e-mail servers to three in addition to a new backup server from a Connecticut-based company. This also greatly increased the number of unauthorized individuals handling Hillary's classified State Department e-mails.
— For a short while, Hillary's e-mails were also being backed up to an insecure cloud-based server, making them even more vulnerable to hackers. On top of that, the Pagliano server with Hillary's e-mail account on it was still in use at an unsecured data center in New Jersey and was accessed numerous times.
— All 13 of the mobile devices — mostly BlackBerry phones — that Hillary used were capable of sending and receiving Hillary's State Department e-mails and were probably used as such. The FBI was not able to find any of the 13 mobile devices. They also couldn't find two of her five iPads.
— Huma helped Hillary get her e-mail setup on many of her mobile devices. Huma admitted that many of Hillary's old devices got lost after she stopped using them. Hillary's personal technician Justin Cooper admitted to destroying at least two of the devices either with a hammer or by breaking them in half.
— Hillary never used the two official State e-mail accounts she was offered when she first became Secretary of State.
— Hillary never sought permission to use her personal e-mail server to conduct State business even though she was obligated to.
— An Executive Secretariat director, John Bentel (given FBI immunity), who provided the e-mail accounts to Hillary allegedly told his employees to not make a fuss about Hillary using her personal e-mail for State business. Bentel denies that allegation.
— A number of Hillary aides and senior-level State employees knew Hillary used her personal e-mail in violation of security protocols. Hillary claimed it was common knowledge because her personal e-mail address shows up when she e-mails people, but multiple people who received her e-mails claimed they only saw the letter "H" in place of her personal e-mail address.
— Cheryl Mills and Huma both told the FBI that they had no knowledge of Hillary's personal e-mail servers, even though they helped get two of them setup.

Coming soon, Part 2.

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