Detroit Officer Dies After Fatal Head Shot

January 28, 2018Jan 28, 2018

Gleen Doss Jr, the Detroit police offer shot last week in the head, has passed away from sustained injuries. With several other officers, he had responded to a domestic violence call on Wednesday night. It was while responding to this call that Doss was shot in the head. 

The officer was only 25 years old. 

He had been in critical condition since Wednesday night. He was accompanied by his father, a 19-year police veteran, during much of his time in the hospital. He claims that his son, much like he did, fell in love with the job and died while doing something that he loved dearly.

On Saturday, Doss' father spoke with the media, according to Detroit Local News

“At this point in time he’s still critical,” the father said. “The doctors have been honest with me and my family. They state at this time his condition is 50-50; it could go either way. The bullet is still lodged in the back of his head, on the right side.”

At first, police had reported that the young officer was shot in the chest. Nevertheless, after being shot he went into emergency surgery, and was in a coma, as of Wednesday afternoon. Doss was a passenger in a police car and was shot before he was able to get out.

The suspect's name is Decharlos Brooks, and he fired 32 shots, according to local news. He then went back into the house and remained there for about three hours. Eventually, police fired tear gas into the house on Thursday and then arrested the suspect when he came out. Brooks is 43 years old and is facing a total of 33 charges. More charges are expected.

Before sending gas into the home, there was a standoff. The officers tried to get him out of the house, but the suspect apparently wouldn't cooperate. 

In recent news, an Ambert Alert for a 4-year-old canceled after a discovery.

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