Details Revealed in The Death of Utah Father

August 16, 2017Aug 16, 2017

Weeks after his disappearance from his home near Salt Lake City, authorities found Paul Swenson's body in a creek. His body was found floating in Mill Creek in South Salt Lake about 30 miles from his home confirms People. The news was revealed in a social media post by his wife, Ashlee Swenson, on Monday. 

At this time, authorities have not released his cause of death. They are waiting for the results of a pending toxicology report. However, authorities have confirmed that they have ruled out foul play. 

After his wife, a popular fashion and mommy blogger, shared their story online, people all over the U.S. were captivated by his story. Dozens of online forum pages—where people tried to figure out the ins and outs of the mysterious disappearance—show just how much people wanted to help the young mother find her husband. 

Finally, after grueling weeks of hoping and waiting, Ashlee posted that her family had learned the "heart-wrenching news" that the body of her husband had been found.

"We are deeply pained to have our most dreaded fear confirmed," she added. 

She also thanked the public for supporting her and her family and praying for her husband.   

"We want to express our deepest gratitude to you as our community. Your support has lifted us. Please pray for us," said Ashlee. 

A new GoFundMe has been created by a friend and former co-worker of Paul, who worked with a pest control company called Aptive until a few months before his death. The friend said he created the page to help the young mother pay for funeral expenses, as well as living expenses while she and her daughter transitioned into a new life. 

Please continue praying for this family as the reasons behind Paul's disappearance become more clear. They may have closure, but his untimely death will continue to impact his friends and family for years to come.  Read more about the story and why Paul may have disappeared. 

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