Details Revealed About Why Disney Star Commit Suicide

April 29, 2017Apr 29, 2017

Michael Mantenuto, former actor and hockey player, tragically commit suicide at age 35 on Monday. The young man was found in his car with a self-inflicted gunshot wound on Monday.

He did not act in many movies, but he is most well-known for his star role in Walt Disney’s ‘Miracle’ (2004) with Kurt Russell, a movie about a U.S. Olympic hockey team.

After Mantenuto’s hockey and acting career, he joined the army.

According to TMZ, he got deployed last year in an operation that fought ISIS in Iraq and Syria. After returning from deployment, sources stated that he was not the same person. A diagnosis of PTSD was not confirmed.

"Something happened over there. He saw something."

Mantenuto leaves behind his beloved wife and two children.


Investigation regarding details of his death is still ongoing. 

Please continue to pray peace and comfort over for his friends, family and loved ones as they struggle this tragic loss.

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