Details Emerge In Deadly American University Attack

August 24, 2016Aug 24, 2016

Details are beginning to emerge in a deadly Taliban attack on the American University of Afghanistan today.

According to the Associated Press, one of their own photographers, Massoud Hossaini, was in a classroom at the university when he heard an explosion.

"I went to the window to see what was going on, and I saw a person in normal clothes outside. He shot at me and shattered the glass," Hossaini described.

He and the 15 students in the classroom barricaded the door as grenades lobbed into the room injured several people. Then they decided to escape.

"As we were running, I saw someone lying on the ground face down. They looked like they had been shot in the back," Hossaini said.

He and the students with him made it out alive, but a campus guard was killed and 18 people were wounded in the attack.

It's unknown how many assailants were involved, but they are being described as terrorists. Two weeks ago, gunmen kidnapped an American and Australian student from the U.S.-modeled university, suggesting that it's become a big target. The kidnapping victims are still missing.

The American University of Afghanistan is the country's first private campus and was praised by First Lady Laura Bush before it opened in 2006. The university was originally chartered in Delaware and has been funded largely by the United States Agency for International Development.