Despite Winning The Nomination, Trump Seeks REVENGE On Cruz and Kasich

July 25, 2016Jul 25, 2016

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump officially locked up the nomination during the Republican convention and he did so without the endorsement or support from fellow contenders John Kasich and Ted Cruz. For their lack of support, Trump seeks revenge.

The Republican primary was nasty and heated. The candidates hurled insults and outlandish accusations against each other. When the race came down to the final three candidates, there was so much animosity built up that it became impossible for the party to unify at the convention. According to Bloomberg, the divide is so deep that Trump threatens to exact revenge on his two primary opponents.

Both Kasich and Cruz refused to endorse Trump. Kasich stayed away from the GOP convention while Cruz stole the spotlight by telling the audience to vote their conscience. Trump and the GOP establishment are up in arms for the lack of endorsement because they say it breaks the pledge that the candidates signed that in which they agreed to support the nominee.

Conveniently, the media, GOP heads, and Trump himself forgets that he rebuked the pledge back in March when he said he would no longer honor it because he was treated unfairly by the GOP. Despite the minor hypocrisy, Trump plans to oppose Cruz and Kasich in their political careers.

Appearing on NBC’s ‘Meet The Press’, Trump said, “I’ll probably do a super-Pac, you know, when they run. Against Kasich for $10 million, to $20 million against Ted Cruz.” Trump also said that he would create these opposition super-Pac’s “at the appropriate time.”

It appears that gone are the days of civility and respect for fellow candidates within one’s own party.

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