Despite Facing Death, Pastor Saeed Did THIS While In An Iranian Prison

March 01, 2016Mar 01, 2016

Despite being imprisoned and tortured over a three year period in Iran, Pastor Saeed Abedini spent his time in captivity preaching God’s word.

Abedini was arrested and imprisoned for spreading the gospel.  According to the Christian Post, he was repeatedly threatened to be executed by his captors for converting Muslims to Christianity.

The persecution did not stop Abedini.  During his imprisonment, he continued to convert lost souls to Christianity.  “Ten of the prisoners turned to Christ the first year,” Abedini said. “So the prison found out, the intelligence police found out, and they moved me to another prison where the situation was worse.”

Those who Abedini converted also suffered at the hands of the Iranians.  “Every person who became Christian with me, they started torturing them, separating me from them and the last two years they made me completely isolated,” Abedini said.

Pastor Saeed is now free and reunited with his family in Boise, Idaho.