DeSantis Is Using “Election Police” to Intimidate Voters With Felony Convictions

We communicate with Florida voting rights activist Desmond Meade about how Republicans like Governor Ron DeSantis try to scare previously incarcerated individuals with felony convictions from voting. DeSantis launched an election police pressure to arrest individuals on trumped-up voter fraud costs. The arrests overwhelmingly focused Black individuals and display “the state’s failure to have a system in place that may guarantee any American citizen that lives within the state of Florida whether or not or not they’re eligible to vote,” says Meade, who spearheaded an initiative to re-enfranchise 1.4 million individuals with prior felony convictions, earlier than it was overturned by Republicans. Whereas a number of costs of alleged voter fraud in previous elections have been dismissed, Meade says the arrests nonetheless intimidate certified voters from casting a poll.

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