While Majority of His Team was Kneeling, This NFL Player Took a ‘Stand’

September 24, 2017Sep 24, 2017

On Friday, President Donald Trump publicly weighed in on the protesting taking place during NFL games. Since former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick started the protests last year by kneeling during the national anthem in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, many players have followed.


Trump suggested that all players who take a knee during America’s theme song should be fired. His comments became very controversial, angering many professional football players and even some of the coaches. The Denver Broncos were one team that made major headlines for more than half of their players choosing not to stand following Trump’s controversial remarks.

According to the Denver Channel, only 19 Denver Broncos players stood during the national anthem, while the majority of the team was seen kneeling. The Denver news source also confirmed that the players were “responding directly to Trump's remarks.”

NFL stars Von Miller and Demaryius Thomas were among the Bronco players who took a knee. On the other hand, among the little players who did take a stand (literally) was Denver’s defensive end Derek Wolfe.

Wolfe stated, "I stand because I respect the men who died in real battles so I have the freedom to battle on the field. Paying tribute to the men and women who have given their lives for our freedom is why I stand.”

In his statement, he also clarified that he respects an individual’s right to protest, but this is not the right platform to exercise that right; it’s “disrespectful.” Additionally, he subtly suggested that if you are not proud to be an American or call this country your home, residing elsewhere is an option.

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