Sports Star Welcomes Baby No. 2 with Model Wife, Shares Unique Name

January 31, 2019Jan 31, 2019

Baseball player Derek Jeter and his wife Hannah have added to their family team. The couple is now parents to two children, reported the New York Daily News.

The couple welcomed their second child, a baby girl Story Grey, on Thursday. The news came from according to a congratulatory on sports media site The Player’s Tribune, which Jeter founded.

“Welcome to the family, #2,” the tweet says. The number is a reference to the baby's birth order but also Jeter's now-retired jersey number during his two-decade career as a Yankees' shortstop.

Story joins big sister Bella Raine. Bella is now nearly a year and half old.

Jeter, 44, married model Hannah Davis in 2016. Last September, Hannah appeared visibly pregnant when she went to dinner with her husband in New York.

Jeter, who now co-owns the Miami Marlins, called fatherhood “awesome” in an interview with Extra in September.

“Regardless of what happens in the course of a day, when you get home and you have your daughter there, it puts a smile on your face, so I have no complaints whatsoever,” he said.

Congratulations to the couple! May God bless their family!

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