Dennis Rodman Offers to Help Trump with North Korea

September 06, 2017Sep 06, 2017

Dennis Rodman has been known to visit North Korea and even have a friendship with their ruthless dictator. Now, the former basketball player has made a major offer.

According to the Washington Examiner, retired basketball star Dennis Rodman has offered to play mediator between the U.S. and North Korea amid a nuclear standoff.

"For me to go over there and see [Kim] as much as I have, I basically hang out with him all the time. We laugh, we sing karaoke, we do a lot of cool things together. We ride horses, we hang out, we go skiing, we hardly ever talk politics, and that's the good thing," Rodman told Good Morning Britain. “I don't love [Kim]. I just want to try to straighten things out for everyone to get along together," Rodman continued.

The last time Rodman was in North Korea was in June. He has also called President Trump “a little crazy sometimes” in the past, while befriending one of the world’s most despicable rulers in North Korea.

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