Original Mouseketeer Confirmed Dead After Being Missing for One Year

June 07, 2019Jun 07, 2019

A body that was found in an Oregon home two months ago has been identified as that of long-missing Dennis Day. Day was one of the original members of "The Mickey Mouse Club" from the 50s.

His remains were found on April 4 at his house in Southern Oregon, reported CNN. When investigators found his body in Phoenix, they weren't confident to identify the corpse.

Because of the corpse's condition, investigators couldn't use dental records or DNA. They decided to use "investigation, evidence and other information" to identity the body according to a police statement.


Day was reported missing in mid-July by his husband. The man suffers memory loss and was at the hospital at the time.

He set up a find Day site. He reported him missing after he hadn't been to the hospital in several weeks.

It's not immediately clear why the remains weren't found in the home until April. Police haven't said where the body was located in the house.

"Our family is truly thankful to the Oregon State Police for helping to bring closure to our family so that we can finally lay Dennis to rest," a statement from his family read.

Day was one of the first cast members of "The Mickey Mouse Club." He appeared on the show's first two seasons, according to a website dedicated to the program.

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