Dennis Quaid Will ‘Always’ Remain in Touch With Lindsay Lohan

Dennis Quaid Expects Great Things From The Parent Trap Costar Lindsay Lohan

Dennis Quaid and Lindsay Lohan
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This is the costar bond. After working with Lindsay LohanIn the past Dennis QuaidReflecting on his relationship with the former child star, he said:

“Well, I’ll always talk to her. The Parent Trap will always be in our conversation, of course, whether we speak of it or not, because I’m kind of like her movie dad,” Quaid, 68, exclusively told Us WeeklyWhile attending the 2022 CMT Music Awards together Laura SavoieMonday, April 11.

The Texas native noted that he expects “really great things” coming from Lohan, 35, following her recent return to acting.

The Parent TrapThe 1998 premiere of ”followed twins who accidentally reunited at summer camp after being divorced by their parents. Hallie (both played by Lohan), and Annie (both played a Natasha Richardson) decide to get their mom (played respectively by Quaid) back together.

Lohan, despite her stardom, decided to stop acting because of personal issues. Lohan will be turning 50 in 2021. Mean Girls star returned to the spotlight with a Christmas movie for Netflix — which later turned into a two-picture deal with the streamer.

Lohan continued to reflect on the making of this film. The Parent Trap and the movie’s subsequent success.

“There was such lovely and beautifully written moments, funny but just heart-wrenching because it’s like, missing that person in your life and then finally having that person,” Lohan gushed during a virtual cast reunion in July 2020. “You forget … how much you miss people until you’re actually with them and you haven’t seen them in a while. And I think those scenes really tear me up.”

Dennis Quaid Expects Great Things From The Parent Trap Costar Lindsay Lohan

Dennis Quaid and Lindsay Lohan in ‘The Parent Trap.’

The Get a Clue star added: “Once the long hair was on, it felt very different for me. And I feel like — I don’t know if this goes for all actors — but once you put a wig on someone, you feel different. You’re stepping out of your comfort zone and you kind of become the other character. I feel like almost people treated me differently when I was Annie, ‘cause Annie was so much nicer and Hallie was kind of like me.”

After the reunion Elaine HendrixAlso, she reflected on her connection with the cast since joining them. The Parent Trap.

“Lindsay was a little girl. So I’ve never really felt like I would keep in touch with her. That just wouldn’t have necessarily felt appropriate to me. Dennis was married, so Lisa [Ann Walter] and I were a natural thing,” the DynastyActress, 51, who portrayed Meredith Blake, told UseIn June 2021. “Simon [Kunz]I am still in touch with them. Maggie WheelerMarva, the younger Marva at camp. I’m friends with her and we’ve done a lot of benefit shows together.”

Lohan posted a clip on social media of her recreating a scene in the Disney remake earlier this year. “You want to know the difference between us? I have class and you don’t,” the New York native lip-synched during a TikTok video in February.

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