Dems: Can't Trust College Students With Concealed Carry; Too Drunk and Depressed

December 26, 2015Dec 26, 2015

Now here's an interesting one. According to Campus Reform, a group of Florida House of Representative Democrats sent a letter claiming that college students are too drunk and depressive to be trusted with concealed firearms on campuses.


The letter, which was written in response to a pending bill that would allow campus concealed carry, reads, “College students are already known to disproportionately engage in high risk behaviors such as binge drinking and to struggle with mental health issues including thoughts of suicide. Increasing students’ access to guns only increases the likelihood that volatile situations on campus will end in tragedy.”

The letter also claims that campus police officers have come forward saying that students intervening in an active shooter situation would interfere with their own response and make it difficult to recognize the suspect because multiple people could be brandishing firearms.

The letter also states, “We agree that campus violence is a serious problem,” but it concludes, “increasing the number of guns on college campuses is simply not the answer.”

How would you respond to this letter?