Democrats And Republicans Come Together, Finally Agree On Something

May 01, 2017May 01, 2017

At the end of April 2017, government funding was at risk and lawmakers were trying to avoid a government shutdown.

President Trump took to Twitter on Thursday, bringing the possible shutdown to everyone’s attention.

“Democrats want to shut down the government. Politics!”

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On Sunday evening, an agreement was reached, granting over $1 trillion in federal funding and ultimately avoiding a government shutdown.

Fox Business reported statements released from the White House:

"The agreement will move the needle forward on conservative priorities and will ensure that the essential functions of the federal government are maintained.”

"This agreement is a good agreement for the American people and takes the threat of a government shutdown off the table.”

Fox also mentioned that although this funding was granted, certain funds were not approved in the budget including Trump’s proposal for the Mexico border wall to decrease illegal immigration, crime, and drug smuggling.

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