Here is the Full List of Democrats Who Hope to Run Against President Trump in 2020 (So Far)

March 04, 2019Mar 04, 2019

The 2020 presidential campaigns are officially in the works. While conservatives are hopeful for U.S. President Donald Trump to remain in office continuing his successful work in the economy, immigration reform, and pro-life movement, liberals are rooting for a Democratic candidate to take over.

The most well-known and publicized potential candidates thus far are Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren. All three are very critical of Trump’s character and policies. Read more about each potential candidate below:

1. Kamala Harris

Harris is the Democratic Senator of California. Recently, she made national headlines for her controversial remarks in favor of legalizing marijuana and her unusual response to the Jussie Smollett case.

2. Bernie Sanders

Sanders is the longtime Democratic Senator of Vermont. The 77-year-old is known for her socialist views and agenda.

3. Elizabeth Warren

Warren is the Democratic Senator of Massachusetts. President Trump often refers to her as “Pocahontas” because she claimed she had Native American ancestry. She recently apologized to the Cherokee Nation after releasing results of a DNA test to prove her background, reported CNBC.

Other Democrats who have already launched a campaign include Senator of New Jersey Cory Booker, Former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Julián Castro, Former Maryland Representative John Delaney, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, Former governor John Hickenlooper, Washington Governor Jay Inslee, Senator of Minnesota Amy Klobuchar, spiritual author Marianne Williamson, and businessman Andrew Yang (CNN).

Many others, such as Senator Kristin Gillibrand and former vice president Joe Biden, are reportedly considering a run. This list will be updated if other potential candidates come forward with a campaign launch.

What are your thoughts on these potential candidates? Who would you like to see run against President Donald Trump in 2020? Share your thoughts in our Facebook comments.

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