Democratic Senator Pushes For Repeal Of The Constitution, Says THIS

June 16, 2016Jun 16, 2016

I never in my wildest dreams thought that things would get so out of control in America where a sitting U.S. Senator would openly call for a repeal of the Constitution. According to the Daily Caller, Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) is doing just that.

Manchin appeared on MSNBC after the 15 hour Democratic filibuster that attempted to infringe on the 2nd amendment rights of lawful American citizens. While not calling for an outright repeal of the Constitution, he had no problem attacking large portions of it.

Manchin lamented the problem that the Democrats are having in getting their way regarding gun control. “The problem we have, the firewall we have right now is due process,” Machin said. “It’s all due process.”

Manchin, in his blatant disregard for the rights that are afforded all American citizens, meant to question how the terrorist was allowed to purchase a gun. “If a person is on a terrorist watch list, like the gentleman, the shooter in Orlando, he was twice by the FBI, we were briefed yesterday about what happened, but that man was brought in twice, they did everything they could. The FBI did everything they were supposed to do but there was no way to keep him off the nix list or keep him off the gun buy list, there was no way to do that.”

In order to get around the pesky idea of “due process”, Manchin proposed that anyone even suspected of something worthy of being placed on a list should be banned from purchasing a firearm for a 5 year period during which their behavior is monitored.

Unfortunately, like so many of his colleagues in his own party, Manchin is wrong about several things. The terrorist who murdered 50 people in cold blood was not a “gentleman” or just a “shooter”. He was radical Islamic terrorist. The terrorist was also not on any terrorist watch list or no fly list. He had been interviewed by the FBI on multiple occasions but either through negligence or on purpose, they did not connect the dots. They will have to live with that.

Due process is an absolutely essential right and to try to find a way around it is extremely dangerous to all American citizens. Without due process anyone can be convicted of crime. Without due process, anyone can be placed on a mythical government list and barred from using their rights.