Democratic Party Crumbling From Within As Chairwoman Goes Rogue

October 14, 2015Oct 14, 2015

For months, Democratic presidential candidates have been calling for more debates than what has been scheduled.

In the 2008 election there were 26 democratic debates.  This election cycle there are only 6.  Theories have arisen that the reason there are so few debates is that with the lesser known candidates getting little air time, it would be easier to hand the nomination to Hillary Clinton.

The decision to drastically cut the number of debates came from Democratic party chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.  She has rejected calls from the candidates and other prominent Democrats to increase the number of debates to give each candidate their fair exposure. 


According to the Daily Beast, the 6 debates are scheduled far from primetime.  Two of them take place on Saturdays during college football games, another one takes place during the NFL playoffs, and yet another one is scheduled for the busiest shopping day in December several days before Christmas.  This selective scheduling means that there will be fewer viewers and keep Hillary’s name in the forefront.  While the theory may seem far fetched, Wasserman Schultz served as campaign manager of Hillary’s presidential campaign during her run in 2008.

According to CNN, Wasserman Schultz has said that she consulted the Democratic party officials before making the final decision.  However, DNC vice chairwoman Tulsi Gabbard denies ever being consulted.  She told CNN, “I want to make it very clear that the chairwoman had claimed a month ago that she had spoken with, communicated and consulted with officers of the DNC about her decision to limit debates to six and to put this retribution policy in place, this exclusivity clause.  And that never occurred.”

If Wasserman Shultz’s actions in limiting the number of debates was not enough to rile up the members of the DNC, she furthered her rogue dictatorship by uninviting Gabbard from the 1st debate.   According to Gabbard, the reason for being uninvited is because she has been vocal in her support for more debates.  “We have some very serious candidates running for president.  And the policy that the chairwoman has put in place basically says that if they participate in any other debate out of the DNC six sanctioned debates, then they’ll be punished.  They won’t be allowed to participate in any of the DNC debates.  This is just wrong, in my view,” Gabbard said.

Need further proof that the DNC is in disarray?  Out of their top two contenders, one is being investigated by the FBI and the other is a self-confessed socialist.  

Do you want either in office?  If not, you need to get out and vote.