Democratic Candidate Arrested For ‘Creepy’ Stalking

November 13, 2017Nov 13, 2017

It has been reported by the Daily Caller that Democratic candidate David Alcon, the man currently running for an open congressional seat in New Mexico, has been arrested. The arrest occurred on Friday after he was accused and charged with a felony stalking charge. The Daily Caller has correctly pointed out that the mainstream media has refused to give the story any coverage.

The arrest occurred at an Albuquerque apartment complex two weeks after the warrant was issued. Police claim that the woman received “creepy” and “frightening” text messages from the candidate. Apparently, she began receiving the text messages after attending a Halloween Party this past October in Santa Fe. The woman claimed that Alcon confessed his love to her and wanted to have children. In order to convince the woman that she should be the mother of his children and love him back, he sent a nude photo over a text message.

Relations between the woman and Alcon began ten years ago. The first time that Alcon and the woman met, he sent her several text message and was arrested for stalking the woman outside of her home. He was also convinced of stalking his ex-girlfriend back in 2007. Even on the morning before the 2007 trail, he sprinkled rose petals on his ex-girlfriend’s porch, as a way of showing his love to her one last time.

“It was just unbelievable to me, David,” state District Judge Michael Vigil said, according to the Daily Caller. “That is creepy. That is scary for a person. You would not go away. Violence takes a lot of different forms. [What you did] was a form of violence to the victim.”

The congressional candidate was convicted of aggravated stalking and trespassing. He was also accused of breaking into the private home of his ex-girlfriend. He was found passed out with the alarm of the house going off. Later on, he was found again returning back to the home with a love note and flowers, which he placed onto his girlfriend’s truck. Alcon served three years of probation in the 2007 case.

The Daily Caller reports that the judge criticized Alcon, claiming that he is “a 30-year-old man acting like an infatuated high-school boy.”

Alcon is one of four total Democrats who is running for the U.S. House seat now held by Republican Steve Pearce, who recently announced he is running for governor.

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