Dem. Sen. Schumer Mocks President Trump While Speaking on Government Shutdown

January 22, 2018Jan 22, 2018

On Friday evening, the U.S. government was forced into a shutdown following the Democrats and Republicans’ failure to compromise on the immigration plan. After a shortage of votes from the Senate, the government shutdown remained in effect over the entire weekend.

Blame has been placed on both sides of the political spectrum from the other political party; the President and his administration previously stated that the Democrats are putting illegal immigrants ahead of our military and American citizens, while Democratic Senators assure that the President is at fault.

On Monday morning, reports insisted that the government may potentially open back up temporarily. Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer released a statement, continuing to blame and mock President Trump in regards to the recent shutdown.

Schumer began, “President Trump unwillingness to compromise caused the Trump Shutdown and brought us to this moment. The facts are well-known.”

He continued, “Since our meeting in the Oval Office on Friday, the President and I have not spoken and the White House refused to engage in negotiations over the weekend. The great deal-making president sat on the sidelines,” he mocked.

“Now, it’s a shame, Mr. President,” the Senator said. “That the American people and the Senate have had to endure such hand-wringing, finger-pointing stridency to secure a guarantee that we will finally move to address this urgent issue.”

“It is something that majority could have avoided entirely, a concern the President could have obviated if he were only willing to take ‘yes’ for an answer.”

Watch Schumer’s entire speech below:

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