Dem Politician Resigns After Accusation He Repeatedly Uses Women's Restroom

December 06, 2018Dec 06, 2018

A Democratic politician is set to resign from his duties in public office after allegations leveled against him have proved to be too much. According to reports, State Sen. Daniel Kagan’s (Colorado) will officially leave office this coming January.

“It’s been a great honor to serve the people of Colorado for just short of a decade,” Kagan said in a statement. “An important obligation of leaders, I believe, is to be open to acknowledging that it’s time to pass the torch to new leadership and, for me, that time is now.”

Kagan was the center of a major bathroom scandal in Colorado. Multiple female colleagues had accused earlier this year of frequenting a women’s restroom inside the Statehouse.

"But Republican state Sen. Beth Martinez Humenik said several women claimed to have seen Kagan using a women’s restroom multiple times since January 2017. She filed a workplace sexual harassment complaint against Kagan in March," reported Fox News.

Kagan admitted to using the women's restroom once, though he claimed it was by mistake. Accusers asked for an apology and for his behavior to cease. Instead, Kagan chose to resign.

“I asked for a public apology to all involved, not a resignation,” Martinez Humenik said Wednesday. “We are still waiting on his apology.”

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