Delta Kicks Family off Their Flight After 6-Year-Old Starts Scratching His Head

July 24, 2017Jul 24, 2017

In what seems to be a recent theme, another family has gotten the boot from a major airline. A family of five was traveling from Paris to Nashville when they were told they would not be able to board their connecting flight in Minneapolis. 

The family was told they needed to go to the emergency room to have their son treated for head lice. All of this came after their 6-year-old son had been scratching his head while waiting to use the restroom. 

The father of the boy, Clay Travis, took to the internet to share his outrage over this situation. He explained how after his wife discovered his son had lice, flight attendances told them they would not be able to leave the plane once they landed. 

Two "medical personnel" examined the young boy, which included taking his temperature, while the family was quarantined on the plane. They then confirmed he did, in fact, have head lice. 

Travis explained how a Delta employee told them they "will not be allowed to take our connecting flight home, that we must leave the airport immediately, find somewhere in the city to be treated for lice, obtain a clearance form that proves we had all been treated, and until we do that we will not be allowed to fly home on Delta.”

The entire family had been banned from flying until the situation had been remedied. Only after his wife and two sons were treated at a local lice treatment center in Minneapolis were they able to fly home. 

Travis later did some research on regulations concerning head lice and found that according to the CDC, children are no longer required to be sent home from school after lice has been discovered. The airline currently has no policy on passengers who have lice and has led him to wonder what would happen to a minor traveling alone or a student in a school group, would they be forced to stay behind?

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