Delta Airlines Boots Family And Two Small Kids After This Happened On Their Flight

July 07, 2017Jul 07, 2017

A flight attendant for Delta informed Brian that his child was too small to sit in the seat alone.

"A different employee approaches the family and tells Schear that his younger son cannot sit in a car seat during the flight due to age restrictions. Instead, she says the toddler would instead have to remain in the couple’s arms during the nearly six-hour flight," according to Fox.

Brian tried to tell the attendant that they had flown to Hawaii originally with their son in a car seat, but the attendant said it did not matter and for this return flight, the child must be on his lap.

“He can’t occupy a seat because he’s two years or younger. That’s FAA regulations," she says. "This plane will not go anywhere until you guys choose to go. I’m just trying to help you." 

Delta apparently also wanted to use the empty seat to fill with another passenger on the overbooked flight.

Brian and his family, after not obeying the attendant's commands, were told to leave the flight. They later booked a flight on United and returned home the next day.

What do you think about this? Was Delta in the wrong of did they act appropriately?

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