DEFECTION: Two Senior Democrats Come Out In Opposition Of Obama's Iran Deal

August 08, 2015Aug 08, 2015

Standing against his party line and the Obama administration, Senior Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer (NY) has announced that he will stand and oppose the Iran deal.


According to this recent Fox News article, Senator Schumer released a detailed statement about why he will not support his party and President in the Iran deal.

"To me, the very real risk that Iran will not moderate and will, instead, use the agreement to pursue its nefarious goals is too great.  Therefore, I will vote to disapprove the agreement," Schumer said.

In addition to Senator Schumer’s defection, another senior Democrat, Representative Eliot Engel (D-NY) has also come out in opposition of the Iran deal.

Obama has recently pushed and lobbied hard for support of his Iran deal, even giving a lengthy and divisive speech in which he attacked Republicans and compared them to the people in Iran who chant “Death to America”. 

The Republicans have remained firm and unified in their opposition to the deal and now it seems that support is starting to waver from the President’s own party.