TRAGEDY: Death Toll Rises to Heartbreaking Number After More Die in California Blaze

November 14, 2018Nov 14, 2018

The tragic Californian wildfires have now claimed the title of being the deadliest fires in the history of the state. Sadly, the death toll has just risen as firefighters work to battle another new blaze.

According to reports, "Northern California has been suffering from three massive wildfires since Thursday, and it could be weeks before they are all contained. As firefighters and first responders make their way through the remains of towns, they are still calling in casualty reports. On Wednesday, CBS News put the state-wide death toll at 50 people."

Most of the deaths have come from the chaotic Camp Fire. It is currently burning in Butte County. Sadly, this number may increase in the near future. Many individuals are still unaccounted for.

"In addition to those that passed away, over 200 people may be missing. Authorities did not disclose the number of people unaccounted for on Wednesday, though it was over 200 at last count. At least six firefighters have also been injured across the state," reported Popculture.

The Camp Fire is the largest fire that crews are working on. At the time, it has claimed 135,000 acres of land and over 8,800 structures — 7,600 of which were homes. The fire is spreading quickly thanks to strong winds which have fueled the flames.

Please join us in praying for everyone involved with these fires. We pray that a quick end comes to the fires and that rain would pour down upon the region.

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