Dean Cain Blasts Hollywood Liberals for Georgia Boycott Over Abortion Bill, Sums Them Up in One Word

April 04, 2019Apr 04, 2019

The Georgia abortion bill that is being discussed across the nation has been a major talking point for liberals and Hollywood actors. Many entertainers have banded together to sign a letter threatening to boycott films made in Georgia if the bill is passed.

Now, actor Dean Cain is speaking out about the news and also opening up about the other actors who are threatening the state's lawmakers. Dean held nothing back in a recent interview.

"They have to understand the idea of federalism, states' rights. There's a reason that states have their own rights [and] can make some of their own laws," Cain said. "And those voters spoke. They elected these guys and gals, and that's the bill they came up with."

The boycott is being spearheaded by Alyssa Milano. She has been very vocal in her opposition ton conservative values and has been center stage in the fight to stop the abortion bill from becoming law.

"He called out the 'hubris' of Milano and other celebrities to attempt to 'bully' a state into accepting their position on abortion. 'It's not so shocking to see it's coming from Hollywood, but it's dead wrong to do that,' Cain said," according to Fox.

Users had mixed feelings online regarding Cain's comments. Some attacked him for his beliefs while other people spoke out to support him.

"@RealDeanCain I hope you'll work in Georgia. In the past, I was pro-choice until the doctors are encouraging moms to about babies with Down Syndrome or cerebral palsy. This is incorrect. We can be valuable citizens," wrote one woman, in response to Dean's words.

For more information on the bill, watch the video below from Time:

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