Deadly Bugs Found in East Coast State, CDC Warns People as Bugs Spread North

April 26, 2019Apr 26, 2019

With the beautiful spring weather comes the brith of lots of creatures from nature. It is always wonderful to see the world coming alive after a long winter.

However, some east coast residents are living in fear. A potentially deadly bug is swarming their area!

"The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed a girl in Delaware was bitten by a 'kissing bug.' It is the first time a kissing bug has been confirmed in Delaware. That marks one of the northernmost states where the bug has been found, according to the CDC, which said the insect has been reported in both South Carolina and North Carolina," wrote Fox.

The bugs' name doesn't sound very scary. However, officials say it can cause some serious damage. The bugs are spreading to the northern parts of the coast and many fear they could spread across the nation.

"They can spread a disease-carrying parasite when the bug 'poops on or near a person while it is feeding on (their) blood, usually when the person is sleeping,' and then the feces is wiped into the bite, mouth or eye," according to the CDC.

300,000 people are said to be affected by the horrible bugs. The contamination can cause disease. However, if it is caught early enough it can be treated.

Officials advise people to keep their homes and yards cleaned and picked up. They say people shouldn't give the bugs anywhere to hang out and build nests. They are tan and black with a round backside. They have orange and black stripes on their edges.

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