Days After Baby, Joanna Gaines Celebrates a Very Special 2nd Birthday

June 29, 2018Jun 29, 2018

No, it's not time for any of Joanna Gaines' children to celebrate a birthday. It's the birthday of her brainchild: Silos Baking Co.

Gaines took to Instagram to celebrate the second birthday of the bakery. She shared the gorgeous balloons that decorated the outside of the bakery. Magnolia's Instagram story also shared a picture of the yummy birthday cupcakes they are serving.


Joanna wrote, "Happy 2nd Birthday, Silos Baking Co!!! If you’re in town today, stop by and celebrate with us! Side note: The balloons were fun while they lasted... the wind brought the party to the next level and we had to take them down to prevent them from flying away."

She added jokingly, "But the good news is- Chip’s got a fun surprise waiting for him in his office..."

She shared a photo of where the balloons ended up after the wind brought them down. It's a classic prank, but Chip will likely just laugh it off.

Last year, Joanna also celebrated the first birthday of the bakery with a balloon display. She also provided party hats for people to wear, and served special one-day-only birthday cake cupcakes.

Happy birthday to Silos Baking Co! In other Gaines news, Joanna opened up about her favorite place on the farm—and how it relates to God.