David Benham Warns School Board: Don't Use Our Kids As Social Experiments

August 15, 2016Aug 15, 2016


In a powerful speech written for the Charlotte Mecklenburg School system’s board meeting to discuss the hotly debated "Gender Unicorn," David Benham warned of the real motivation behind the dangerous curriculum. "My name is David Benham. I’m a concerned father of five children, and as a business owner, I’m an employer to parents of many more kids in and around the Charlotte Metro area.

"I came here tonight to plead with you not to use our children – our future – as social experiments. I’m asking you not to let our kids become pawns in the hands of radical, sexual revolutionaries who don’t care about them, you, me or anyone but themselves. Their main target is to eliminate any and all moral standards. This allows those pushing the agenda to rebuild society in man’s image – not God’s – with government as the ultimate giver (and taker) of our rights."

David and twin brother Jason are known as the "Benham Brothers," who garnered a conservative following after being kicked off of their HGTV show for supporting traditional marriage. They warned earlier this month about the Gender Unicorn, a new teaching curriculum set to be used in the Charlotte Mecklenburg school district this year. The brothers explained that the goal was to teach kids that gender is who they go to bed as, and sexuality is who they go to bed with--and both can follow on a sliding scale from boy, girl, to "other."


In his speech, David Benham continued, "At first, those pushing the sexual revolution wanted acceptance. Then they asked for appreciation. Then they demanded celebration. And, today, they seek to force our participation. By voting to move forward with the new CMS policies – though they are on hold for a time – you have chosen to join this radical revolution – with our children on the front lines. This is simply unacceptable.

"After reading several of the new policies I thought to myself… Should our daughters be forced to sleep in the same room as boys during overnight school activities? Should parents really be kept out of gender conversations between their children and teachers – even though evidence shows up to 80 percent of children lose transgender feelings over time and that gender transitions can result in regret, further confusion and health risks?"

Due to time constraints, Benham was only able to deliver a portion of his speech (found in full at WND.com), but the shortened version was still very powerful. You can watch the speech on the Benham Brother's Facebook page.

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