Football Star Rushed to Hospital During Game

September 29, 2017Sep 29, 2017

Thursday night’s game between the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears took an unexpected turn after one of the players went down on the field. Green Bay’s star wide receiver, Davante Adams, was rushed to the hospital on a stretcher during the end of the third quarter.

Video footage showed that a defensive player from the opposing team took a “cheap shot” hit on Adams. After Adams caught a pass from quarterback Aaron Rodgers and was headed upfield, a couple of Bear’s defense players tackled him down. However, the Bear’s linebacker, Danny Trevathan, still ran in for an unnecessary, hard hit against Adams.

According to ESPN, this type of hit is completely illegal and several names in the sports industry believe Trevathan should actually be suspended. Adams’ teammates were reportedly very upset following the hit because Trevathan was “celebrating” that play when someone was seriously hurt.

Trevathan did publicly apologize and reportedly plans to reach out to Adams, but does not think he should be suspended for his actions. He said he was sorry and was just “trying to make a play;” his intention was not to hurt Adams.

Fortunately, Adams was not unconscious and gave a “thumbs up” when he was taken off the field. ESPN stated the Packer’s star was originally being evaluated for head and neck injuries and a possible concussion. On Friday morning, it was confirmed that Adams did suffer a concussion, but his MRI looked "clean." Adams took to Twitter himself to let his fans know he was feeling better and appreciated the prayers.

NFL fans and other professional football players in the league flocked to social media immediately after the incident to send out their prayers for Adams. Green Bay Packers running back and fellow teammate Ty Montgomery, and the Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr were among many who sent prayers out via Twitter.

Regardless, this incident brings back to light the major controversy the NFL has faced for years—Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). When players are out on the field, they risk having major side effects for the rest of their life due to multiple head injuries. In a recent study, CTE was found in 99% of brains from a number of deceased NFL players.

Please continue to pray for Davante Adams as he recovers. Watch a clip showing the hit from Thursday night’s game below. Warning: this may be slightly difficult for some viewers to watch.

What do you think about the brutal hit on Davante Adams? Should Danny Trevathan be suspended? Share your thoughts in our Facebook comments. In other sports news, a golfing legend dropped a massive truth bomb regarding the NFL national anthem protests.

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